Why did Limmatt stopp producing?

I the founder and owner of the Limmatt Clip Project, really love the clip and still think it is a great product which could have great market success and additional designs. But I have my Limmatt Clip, all my friends have one and I don’t want to push it in to the market – that pushing in to the market is not my thing, it doesn’t motivate me to use my intelligence on who to make people buy my products/ make the want – desire it. And compete in this fashion business. For me it is – the best clip but if other people think different it’s ok for me. And I am sorry for those how hadn’t had the chance to get one.
I love to develop great products and bring ideas to live. But at least for this project I seem to be the wrong person to make it famous and big.

If you are interested to move this project or receive info’s about it please I will be happy to give them to someone how dose better on/ for this project me. Then Please contact me on dominic(at)garben.eu

Meanwhile I will be working on other ideas.

Thanks for your intrest!

How many card can fit in to the clip?

The Clip can hold up to 7 card on the thicker side and one or two cards on the slim side of the cardholder. If one squeezes in more cards than this the clip will break and we will not refund it.

How to open the cardholder?

The carbon cardholder is not to be forced “opened” if you try to fold open it like a usual wallet it will break. The cardholder is to be used by the cutout triangle, that’s where the cards or the cash is to be pushed or pulled out of the clip.

What is the carbon limmatt cardholder clip made of?

The carbon limmatt cardholder is made of pure (dry) carbon fiber and epoxy. The Carbon fiber is upcycled – limmatt uses carbon cutoff textile from an factory of the aerospace sector. The logo and individual engraving of the carbon clip are made with colored resin.

Where does limmatt do there production?

All products of limmatt are handmade in Zurich, Switzerland only our packaging and info cards we buy from external companies. All our products have the high Swiss made standard .

Why is the carbon cardholder RFID blocking?

Carbon is naturally RFID blocking, for certain frequency, due to its property of beeing electrical conductiv. The carbon limmatt clip is tested on being RFID blocking with usual RFID readers. Where the carbon clip fully protects the relevant 13.56MHz frequency.

Why is only the carbon version available in the online shop?

There will be other materials and products coming up so we already pre view them in our online shop. But for now limmatt focus on the production of the carbon clip before being able to expand further.

How long will the shipment take?

We are sorry! We stopped producing the Limmatt Clip and it cannot be bought. If you are interested to continue this project or receive info’s about it. Please write to dominic(at)garben.eu

For delivery out of Switzerland, will there be custom or other taxes?

There might be additional local taxes or custom depending on the country you life in.

My clip is broken, what to do?

Please write us an email, telling us how your clip broke and we might send you a new one.