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As one of the founders of Limmatt, Dominic Garben had been on the lookout for a suitable slim wallet or cardholder which he could use while longboarding, doing other sports, or partying. One day in 2014, after being inspired by a clip wallet, he thought he should make one himself. He thought it should be a slim, small, handy, light, strong, easy to use, and sustainable wallet. Another thought was that it could be made of an OC carbon, as he knew this was technically one of the greatest materials. Starting with this initial idea, he made his very first prototype by autumn 2014.


But the project really took off with the most momentum in early 2015, when both founders visited a mutual friend who is an expert and passionate about working  with fiber materials. Together they made the first two prototypes that were made of an aerospace carbon fiber cutoff textile. Further developments of the slim carbon fiber clips came about in a shared flat, in the corner of a room that they partitioned off for experiments. This is where they developed the real carbon texture surface for a prototype of the carbon clip, and how they decided that they wanted the clips to have such a unique carbon texture surface. They later found a workshop basement nearby. Soon the basement workshop was all set up to develop more and better compact carbon wallet prototypes.


With passion,  know-how,  hard work and some difficult choices they eventually built most of the machines by themselves in their workshop. After more than a year of product design and production development, they were proud to say that every Limmatt clip was lovingly made by them in Switzerland.

Dominic Garben

With his creativity and passion for design, engineering, and business Dominic started Limmatt. His lifestyle lead him to the idea, his business and engineering background helped make it become a reality. He has studied at Germany’s oldest Technical University and China’s well-known Tongji University in Shanghai. The work experience he gained from several roles across many companies gave him the confidence to move the project step by step.

Learn about additional products and projects created by Dominic Garben at Garben Design.


Yan Jiang

Former Co-founder in design direction. She was in charging of product design, packaging design, branding, as well as social media material design and managing until May 2017. More projects can be found on her website YÀN.


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