the idea of the limmatt clip was born

The desire of having a minimalist wallet been the ground on which the idea of the limmatt clip been born. This been in 2013 when the founder Dominic been longboarding trough the streets of Shanghai having the wish to have super compact wallet which one could have in the pocked when doing urban sport. Studying engineering and having a great interested in fiber composite materials – carbon and flax, Dominic been seeing a different type of clip wallet one day and decided to think of his own design of a clip or cardholder and made the very first prototype in late 2014 in Zürich.

Early 2015 Yàn joined the team as a cofounder, when both went to visited a friend who been an expert on fiber composite and longboard building. That’s when the first carbon clip or carbon cardholder been made of aerospace carbon fiber cutoff waste. Soon Dominic created a sealed space in his shared flat room in Zürich to have a small workshop there. That’s where the first working prototypes of the campact wallet where made and the true carbon touch and feel texture been achieved. Soon after the founders got a workshop in Zürich and experimented on the shape, the surface the production process and other fibers for langer time to make the carbon cardholder and minimalist wallet as simpel as the clip is today. Simplifying the limmatt clip to only what is of use and esthetic meaning.

While working on the prtotypes of the clip Dominic also develpoed a hole new production process and tools for making the simple carbon cardholder with it unique surface.

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