• Carbon cardholder

    RFID blocking
    carbon fiber

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Carbon Products

The new way of a wallet

The story of limmatt

A slim, small, handy, light, strong, easy to use and sustainable wallet

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the idea of the limmatt clip was born

The desire of having a minimalist wallet been the ground on which the idea of the limmatt clip been born. This been in 2013 when the founder Dominic been longboarding trough the streets of Shanghai having the wish to have super compact wallet which one could have in the pocked when doing urban sport. Studying…

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limmatt production & RnD

We are proud to say that we do our production locally and by ourself in Switzerland ant that we are upcycling carbon fiber. Every limmatt cardholder is handmade in our workshop in Zurich. This is how every clip is having an little individual touch and insuring a high quality. Besides making the production inhouse we…

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Carbon fibers are industrial made fibers and composed of nearly pure Carbon atoms just like natural Graphite and Diamonds. Nowadays it is used for making space stations, satellites, airplanes, racing cars, and extreme sport equipment. Limmatt clip brings this high-tech material into everyone’s daily life, not only because it is in trend or fancy. The…

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Flax or linen is one of the oldest plants mankind is using for making textiles. Its strength is now being discovered by engineers to use this fabrics for fiber composites. Enabling industries to create great high-tec composite products from natural grown plants and therefore being an eco-friendly solution to synthetic materials. Limmatt is using linen…